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Whether you’re new to NLG, a Business Intelligence user or analyst, or a developer seeking advanced NLG techniques, let the Arria team guide you in your NLG journey. Here you will find a list of our upcoming webinars, along with registration details. We look forward to empowering you and your business to be successful in Natural Language Generation.

Upcoming Webinars

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Tech Talk with Arria NLG: Giving your Data the Power of Articulate Language to Drive Faster Decision Making If your Data could talk……..? What would it say?

Join our Tech Talk with Arria NLG: Giving your data the power of articulate language to drive faster decision making

In this ever-changing world, humanity stands at the crossroads of a major shift in business operations and efficiencies. During the Industrial Revolution Henry Ford reinvented the way a business manufactured a product by creating the infamous “assembly line” to scale and expedite the creation of the automobile.

What happened during the industrial revolution is happening now with AI and data. The use of these growing technologies are bringing scale, efficiency, and accuracy to many functions. We are seeing the transformation of once siloed data, as well as accessibility and understanding of that information, is being shared across institutions and harnessed for its immense value.

Join Arria NLG for a discussion regarding this paradigm in business and how Natural Language Technologies will transform;
- Operations and Reporting
- Scalability and Sustainability
- Decision making
- Sensor data
- Supply chain

Interested in learning more about NLG? Attend this Tech Talk with Arria NLG on Tuesday August 4th, 2020 at 2:00pm EST

Aug 13, 20202:00pm EDT1 hour
Introduction to Arria NLG Studio | August 18th We invite you to join us to see how easy it is to add Arria’s AI-based Natural Language Generation (NLG) technology and automated report-writing to your current reporting and analysis systems—and how to add descriptive narratives to your BI dashboards.

The results? Faster, more informed decision-making as users see insights they may otherwise have missed or misunderstood, and increased consistency in how results are interpreted and communicated across your organization. All generated instantly, in real-time, with a simple click-of-the-button.

Natural Language Generation (NLG) is changing the way companies communicate and discover actionable insights within their data. Attend this webinar to learn how organizations are using Arria’s NLG Studio to build their own NLG applications.

Key topics covered in this webinar:

• How Arria NLG Studio empowers users to build self-service NLG Applications

• Core functionality and capabilities of Arria NLG Studio

• Accelerating the build of your NLG Application using Arria’s NLG Tutorials and NLG Samples

• How to add NLG descriptive narratives to your BI dashboard

We look forward to having you as a part of this exciting event!
Aug 18, 20201:00pm EDT1 hour
Faster Decision Making with NLG-Automated Financial Reporting | August 25th Join us to learn how Natural Language Generation empowers Financial Analysts by improving the comprehension of their datasets, facilitating faster, better-informed decision-making. In this session, we will cover two unique FP&A + NLG use-cases: A sales variance dashboard in Tableau, and a custom-built web solution.Aug 25, 20201:00pm EDT1 hour

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