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Getting Started with Tutorials
Shows you how to access NLG Studio tutorials and documentation. (Duration 2:26)

NLG Studio Overview
Demonstrates the functionality provided by NLG Studio to generate rich narrative from tabular data. (Duration 3:16)

Creating Your First Project
Walks you through the process of creating your project in NLG studio. (Duration 2:14)

Creating Custom Variables
Demonstrates how to create custom variables needed to generate narrative. (Duration 2:46)

Document Plan
Shows you how to implement a document plan using “Scripts”. (Duration 2:31)

NLG Table Project
During this session we will create an NLG project. This project will use an entire data table to tell one story. (Duration 3:12)


Corpus Analysis, Working with Subject Matter Experts
Arria’s Chief Scientist, Ehud Reiter, discusses Arria’s Corpur Analysis Process. (Duration – 5:25)

Data Side Design of NLG Solutions
Arria’s Chief Scientist, Ehud Reiter, discusses the Arria methodology for data design of NLG systems. (Duration – 7:16)

Language Side Design of NLG Solutions
Arria’s Chief Scientist, Ehud Reiter, discusses document and sentence level design choices for NLG systems. (Duration 8:09)

Designing Interesting Narrative
Arria’s Chief Scientist, Ehud Reiter contrasts good interesting narrative from bad narrative. (Duration 5:50)

NLG Design and Implementation Lifecycle
Arria’s Chief Scientist, Ehud Reither, disucsses the NLG design and implementation lifecycle. (Duration 7:06)

NLG System Testing
Arria’s Chief Scientist, Ehud Reiter, discusses the testing process for ensuring NLG systems deliver valuable narrative. (Duration 7:42)