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Studio for Students

If you are a student, university official, professor, or a university researcher, you qualify to participate in Arria’s NLG Studio for Students Program.

Through this new program, you will get full no-cost access to our bleeding-edge Arria NLG Studio in addition to curated trainings, special licenses, and other perks. You’ll be able to use our industry-leading NLG technology in your research projects, your classrooms, and even to potentially create an income stream.

For more information regarding this program, please contact us at


The Last Mile in Delivering Information From Big Data

Technical Overview
The Arria NLG Engine

Financial Services Case Study
Personalized Investment Reporting for a Better Customer Experience

Oil and Gas Case Study
Automate Expert Reports Anytime, Anywhere

Automated Audit Reporting Use Case
Automated Business Reviews Communicated in Seconds

Automated Stewardship Review Use Case
Automated Group-Wide Business Intelligence in Seconds

Management Reporting Use Case
Automated Business Intelligence Communicated in Seconds

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