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Instantly narrate Excel spreadsheets

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Timely financial report automation

Arria Adds a Whole New Dimension to Microsoft Excel

Arria brings the power of language to the most widely adopted business analytics tool! The use cases for Excel in business are endless. Departments, such as Finance & Accounting, Marketing, Product Management, and HR Management rely on the capabilities of Excel spreadsheets for day-to-day operations, business analytics, data compilation and reporting.

Existing Excel users can easily download the Arria NLG add-In to incorporate narratives directly into their worksheets. Fully written data-driven reports can be instantly exported to Word or PowerPoint, expertly summarizing the data in long-form reporting style or short-form presentation style. They can even share workbooks with NLG embedded for ease of understanding across the enterprise and narrate individual tables and chart or the entire worksheet.

Increase data understanding, improve performance, reduce risk

Arria allows you to analyze and understand your data more rapidly and more effectively. It expedites data insights and understanding so you can quickly take action and share key insights across the enterprise, removing silos.

Stay focused on the numbers, Arria takes care of report writing

Instant, auto-generated written reports to augment your data, charts, and pivot tables right inside your worksheet. Timely, reliable, natural-language insights about your data make report preparation easier and more accurate.

Deliver information across the enterprise, at speed and scale

Whether you’re using Excel, a BI dashboard, or both, Arria saves you time and money — enabling you to improve information delivery across your organization. Seamless integration with the rest of the Microsoft Office suite of applications.

Generate Insightful Narratives for Any Spreadsheet

Data-driven NLG provides clear, actionable insights

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