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Arria Connect

Add NLG power!
Bring Arria inside any
API-based platform

Add value, fast and cost-effectively.

Pre-built integration, fully customizable..

Integration SDK for developers.

Two Ways to Connect

Arria’s API-based architecture allows other technology platforms to connect seamlessly

1) Arria Connect - Direct API Call
From any application that can communicate via HTTP, make a simple API call to ingest data and return narrative. Use to create a dynamic narrative from consistent and structured data sources (JSON, CSV) and when the Arria Studio project remains consistent.

2) Arria Connect SDK - Integration Accelerator Kit
Embed Arria NLG capabilities inside your software platform to incorporate narrative. This gives end users the ability to access published Arria Studio projects directly within their application. Users also have the ability to configure Arria’s prebuilt NLG solutions.

Enhance Dashboard Experience

Instant product upgrade with NLG inside. Augment visual analytics with narrative to improve data understanding. Now you can go beyond visuals and narrate all underlying data.

Accelerate time to market, derive value faster

Ensure Uniformity of Development

Flexible, API-based architecture for easy integration. Prebuilt libraries and assets have standard structure. Full documentation, sample implementation, and sample code.

Leverage Arria’s prebuilt, proven NLG solutions

Attract Clients, Gain Market Share

Fully customizable using Arria Studio. Configure business parameters that drive the narrative as requirements change over time. Adjust and customize the user experience as required.

Functionality is aligned to support project lifecycle

Top 5 Benefits of Arria Connect Development Kit (SDK):

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