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True multi-turn conversation

Natural Language Query capabilities

Available for BI, Alexa and mobile

Arria NLG at the Heart of Conversational AI

Arria Answers is a conversational-AI platform that integrates with business intelligence dashboards and Amazon Alexa— giving businesses real-time access to key insights from data – using natural, spoken language. A true breakthrough! Arria Answers brings together Arria’s foundational experience in natural language generation and insight analytics with other natural language technologies (NLP, NLU and NLQ).

This combination delivers true multi-turn drill-down capability to maintain the conversational context, which makes talking to your digital assistant fluid and natural. Arria Answers also remembers what you have said, allowing you to refer to entities in the previous question, remembering where you are with your data, so you don’t have to constantly repeat yourself. Arria Answers’ ability to keep context means that if you misspeak, you can re-word part of your question to the digital assistant without having to repeat everything. The ability to keep context means that users need only specify the relevant part of the request, with Arria filling in the unspecified elements automatically.

Fastest Way to Query Data

"By 2022, 65% of analytical queries will be generated via search, NLP or voice."
Forecast: Modern BI Platforms by Selected Functionality, Worldwide, 2017-2022 —Gartner)

Facilitates quick adoption within existing workflows

Democratizing Data Understanding

Ease of use allows high adoption for users who are not technical. The ad hoc conversational format allows users to freely interrogate their data without the help of experts.

You don’t have to be a data analyst to get answers

Answers on-Demand

The voice conversational interface gives the user the freedom to access their insights in situations where access via a traditional dashboard or keyboard is difficult.

Car, boardroom, warehouse, home...

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Arria Answers, Anywhere, Anytime

Available for major BI dashboards and Amazon Alexa

  • Arria is already a world leader in NLG. Arria Answers builds on this successful platform.
  • Arria Answers’ algorithms do the heavy lifting to find insights and important metrics.
  • Arria Answers can be easily configured to access businesses’ data.
  • Arria Answers is easy to integrate into existing processes.
  • Arria Answers is another part of the jigsaw of businesses' key reporting functionality.
  • Arria Answers allows users without technical or analytics skills to interact with key data.

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